How to Enter

Entry Format

This year you are able to enter in a variety of different formats including A4 Word document, PowerPoint or Video entry. All entries are to be sent to:



Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to with your name in the subject line.

When we receive your entry, you will be notified of receipt.
For more information on the entry process please contact:

Hint and Tips:

If you want to maximise your chances of being an Avis Scholarship finalist, then keep in mind the following tips from previous years’ judges and finalists.


  • Read the questions carefully: Consider what you are really being asked or you might miss the point.
  • Differentiate your answers: Avoid repeating yourself and merging answers to multiple questions or you run the risk of looking lazy (plus it makes your work more difficult to judge).
  • Pace yourself: Put equal effort into each question; it’s always obvious when an applicant has run out of steam and rushed part of his/her submission.
  • Ask for help: Get a trusted friend or colleague to read and critique your submission; a fresh pair of eyes can spot mistakes and ensure you are putting your best foot forward.


  • Cut and paste: Draw on your own personal experiences to illustrate your character and commitment. Never cut and paste from the corporate manual.
  • Use clichés: Nothing annoys judges more than meaningless platitudes such as ‘I put a smile in my voice’ and ‘I put myself in my customer’s shoes’.
  • Write a novel: Make your point clearly and use specific examples. Remember, clear writing reflects clear thinking.
  • Leave it to the last minute: Give yourself enough time to re-write your answers at least once, and whatever you do, don’t miss the deadline!