Create a Winning Entry

Dos & Don’ts

If you want to maximise your chances of being an Avis Scholarship finalist, then keep in mind the following tips from previous years’ judges and finalists


  • Read the questions carefully: Consider what you are really being asked or you might miss the point.
  • Differentiate your answers: Avoid repeating yourself and merging answers to multiple questions or you run the risk of looking lazy (plus it makes your work more difficult to judge).
  • Pace yourself: Put equal effort into each question; it’s always obvious when an applicant has run out of steam and rushed part of his/her submission.
  • Ask for help: Get a trusted friend or colleague to read and critique your submission; a fresh pair of eyes can spot mistakes and ensure you are putting your best foot forward.


  • Cut and paste: Draw on your own personal experiences to illustrate your character and commitment. Never cut and paste from the corporate manual.
  • Use clichés: Nothing annoys judges more than meaningless platitudes such as ‘I put a smile in my voice’ and ‘I put myself in my customer’s shoes’.
  • Write a novel: Make your point clearly and use specific examples. Remember, clear writing reflects clear thinking.
  • Leave it to the last minute: Give yourself enough time to re-write your answers at least once, and whatever you do, don’t miss the deadline!