How We Judge

Finding a Winner

The judging process for the Avis Scholarship is designed to be rigorous, transparent and impartial.

Once the deadline has passed, your submission will initially be assessed by two judges, neither of whom will be based in your state or territory. Points are awarded for each answer, and submissions are then ranked according to their total score.

All applications are then assessed by two more judges, chosen from Avis Australia’s senior management team.

Once the final scores are tallied, up to six consultants will be named as finalists. There are no allocations for states or territories, so the finalists’ group could all come from one region or be spread right across the country.

If you are chosen as one of the finalists you will be flown to Sydney, where you will be accommodated at a five-star hotel.

Before arrival in Sydney you will be provided with a number of written questions, and along with the other applicants, you will be asked to deliver your answer to members of the Avis Travel Agents Advisory Board – a group of industry leaders who meet regularly to advise Avis on the needs of retail travel agents. You will also be asked to give an impromptu response to two additional questions, posed on the day.

By combining the points accrued for each finalist’s written and oral submissions, judges arrive at a winner.

Although it might sound a little intimidating, rest assured the process is fun and relaxed, and offers a great opportunity to meet other like-minded consultants.

The winner of the Avis Travel Agent Scholarship is announced the same evening during a dinner at the hotel, attended by some of the leading figures in the Australian travel industry.